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VIP Special Nepal Trip 16 daysMt. Everest

Experience the unique blend of Culture and Nature in the Kathmandu valley, Once a lake, Kathmandu valley is the union of three Newar sister cities namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Surrounded by hills on all the sides, Kathmandu valley has always remained the center of Nepalese civilization and current modern urbanization of Nepal. The Newar community is the ethnic inhabitants of this valley with evidential history of 2000 years. All the 3 cities have an integral role in the development of cultural and traditional heritage as well as national economy. in Gorkha and in Pokhara Pokhara is the most famous tourist destination of Nepal and also the adventure hub of the country. The starting point of trekking and rafting voyage of Nepal, Pokhara is a tranquil valley full of remarkable natural beauty. The view of serene Phewa Lake with Fishtail Mountain in its backdrop creates a magnificent magical ambience. Pokhara is surrounded by thick forests, gushing rivers, emerald lakes and the spectacular range of snow filled Himalayan peaks. . Visit Sarangkot Sarangkot is a village on a hill overlooking Pokhara. A day trek away from Pokhara, one can enjoy the magnificent view of the Himalayan mountain range from all directions of Sarangkot. On a clear day, you can catch the stunning view of the sunrise from here. On some days, the view of sunsets is also more stunning than the sunrises. , Lumbini Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha and the pilgrimage destination of millions of people from around the world. Lumbini was listed in the UNESCO world heritage site in 1979 AD. A large stone pillar called Ashoka pillar found in Lumbini built by ancient Indian emperor Ashoka in 250 BC bears and inscription of the birth of Lord Buddha. Mayadevi temple also houses the exact birth spot of Lord Buddha and various other archeologically important stones of that era. Besides the temple lays a water pool in which Buddha’s mother Mayadevi bathed after giving birth to Buddha 2,500 years ago.  Lumnini, a small city with an area of 8 square kilometers consists of various ruins of that era along with various other Buddhist monasteries and pagodas. , Chitwan National Park Chitwan National Park is perhaps one of the best parks to see animals in the wild in Nepal. This park is also listed in the UNESCO world natural site. The government of Nepal established this park in its effort to protect nature and wild animals during the massive deforestation of the Terai jungles in the latter half of the 20th century. One can camp and enjoy jungle safari in this park which is certainly a treat for nature and animal lovers. Accommodation in hotels and resorts as per one’s budget is available within the park. The main attraction of this park covered with deciduous forests is the endangered one horned Asiatic rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger and the fresh water dolphins. . You will not miss the world peace Stupa, Palpa, Tansen, Nagarkot and Changu-Narayan Temple. The oldest temple of the Kathmandu Valley according to the 5th century stone inscription found inside the temple, Changu Narayan temple sits on top of a hill in the Changu village which is 23 kms North East of Kathmandu city. Surrounded by green environment, this 3rd century temple is a magnificent display of ancient metal and wood art work. The locals of Changu Narayan are experts in metal and wood carvings. This temple was also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage monument list in 1979 AD. Enjoy a mountain flight to see The Himalayas and off course Mount Everest. This first class trip will give you a unique experience and a peek into Nepali Culture and Nature and at the same time enjoy Nepali hospitality at top level.
This particular program has been designed to bring you the highlights of Nepal. We give you herewith the opportunity to discover, in a relatively short time, the most important and historic places of Nepal, combined with a comfortable journey in this highest land of the World. This tour combines Cultural experiences, History, Traditional lifestyle and natural Heritage with superb Mountain views

Your FIRST day:

Departure from Amsterdam and depending on your airline there will be a stop in Delhi, Goa or Bahrein.Restaurant in Nepal


Day 2:

Bed and breakfast is taken care off. ( http://kathmandu.regency.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp )

Day 3:

Sightseeing Boudhanath A religious belief that crawling around Boudhanath Stupa on your knees exempts you from your sins has made this stupa popular amongst all. Boudhnath is the focal point of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal and large number of Buddhist devotees gathers here to pay their homage every day. Built in the 5th century, Boudhanath stupa is regarded as the biggest stupa in the world. This stupa is located in the ancient Tibetan trade route of Boudha in Kathmandu city. Numerous Tibetan monasteries have been established around Boudhnath since 1950 AD by Tibetan refugees who settled here / Swayambhunath The 1,000 years old Swayambhu Nath temple is one of the religious destination of the Kathmandu valley located 3 kms west to Kathmandu city. According to Nepalese belief, this temple self existed in the form of a lotus emitting brilliant light in the center of a lake before the birth of Kathmandu. The modern round structure of the temple was created in due time only to cover the intense light emitted from the center of the temple. Situated on top of a hillock, large crowds gather in this temple everyday to view the overall site of Kathmandu valley. Swayambhu Nath temple was also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage monument list in 1979 AD. This is also one of those few Hindu temples where foreigners are allowed. / Kathmandu Durbar Square Kathmandu Darbar Square in the heart of Kathmandu city is the home to the Living Goddess Kumari. The numerous artistic monuments, ancient erotic carvings and fine display of woodwork and architecture all around the square will surely make you overwhelmed. Catch a glimpse of the Taleju Temple which only opens once a year during Dashain festival and the Kasthmandap resting point which was built by wood of a single tree. Visit the historic Darbar Square museum to observe royal mementos of the royal Shah dynasty. This museum was previously the royal palace of the Shah dynasty and was built in 1768 AD. Just outside of the museum, you could see two big drums, probably the biggest in the world which used to be beaten while announcing royal decrees. Kathmandu Darbar Square was also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage monument list in 1979 AD. 

After breakfast about 9 am your first sightseeing will commence and seeing some highlights of the Kathmandu Valley. You will be visiting various important religious centers of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Close by the Hyatt is the Stupa Boudhanath, one of the largest in the World, a very popular shrine for the Buddhists. Many handicraft and local products are available in the many little shops surrounding the Stupa.Swyambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu Nepal

Later we depart for another popular Buddhist temple, called Swayambhunath or better known as the monkey temple. Our transfer will take you to the top of the hill where this temple complex lays and you have ample time to walk around and go down the immense stairs in the company of many monkeys.

After the monkey temple we proceed towards Kathmandu Durbar Square, the authentic place of royalty where the kings were crowned and from where they ruled the lands. A real ancient place.

After the Durbar square we proceed to Thamel which is the major tourist center of Kathmandu Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a historic and cultural city of Newars. This largest metropolitan city of Nepal hosts numerous display of magnificent Newari art work in the form of ancient temples as well as traditional festival celebrations all year round. Kathmandu is also the core of urban infrastructure development of Nepal and the only gateway to the tourism adventure in Nepal. This blend of ancient culture and modern development makes it a unique tourist destination worth a visit. where we will be having dinner in Nepali Chulo (A traditional Nepal Cultural restaurant). Then proceed back to the Hyatt where Bed and Breakfast is available for you.

Day 4:

After breakfast we will travel 45 minutes outside Kathmandu and visit one of the oldest and most important cities in the history of Nepal: Bhaktapur The Newar city of Bhaktapur lies 12 kms east to capital Kathmandu. Similar to other two adjoining cities of the valley, Bhaktapur is also known for its art, culture, festivals and ethnic Newar community. But unlike Kathmandu and Patan, Bhaktapur for keeping its culture, tradition, lifestyle and arts preserved and alive has been called an open museum. a UNESCO World Heritage site: where again you will have a unique experience visiting this medieval city which of all old places in the Kathmandu valley has been preserved the best..Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal

On our way back to Kathmandu we will also visit another ancient place:
Patan Durbar Square The business hub of Patan city, the Patan Durbar Square is the cluster of historic temples, pagodas and monuments. The square is full of artistic wood and metal works. This square once used to be the royal palace of the Malla kings similar to the Kathmandu and Bhaktapur Durbar squares. The two masterpieces worth mentioning are the Krishna temple and the Tushahity royal bath in the Durbar square vicinity. famous for their Krishna Temple. We will also visit the Patan The city of fine arts, Patan also known as Lalitpur is one of the most vibrant cities of Nepal. Patan is one of the three Newar cities of the Kathmandu valley and is situated 5 kms south east of Kathmandu city. The 2,300 years old Patan city is extremely rich in its arts and architecture. museum which is a great place to have our lunch.

Then we transfer back to the Hyatt for dinner and free time at your own leisure.

Bed and Breakfast is ready for you.

Day 5:

Visit Gorkha and transfer through to Pokhara

Pack your bags and get ready for a special experience.. Right after an early breakfast we will leave for Pokhara (6-7 hours drive) The route will provide you with magnificent views of the rivers and mountains. A photo stop can always be arranged. Just ask. About halfway to Pokhara we will visit the Gorkha Palace and sightseeing of the surroundings of beautiful nature. Right after our lunch we proceed to Pokhara and around evening time you will be welcomed into the Fishtail lodge with full-board during your stay in Pokhara. (www.fishtail-lodge.com)

Day 6:Pokhara, beautiful city of Nepal

Right after breakfast we will bring you a busy program with many cultural events and beautiful places to see, amongst them: Barahi Temple, David's Fall, Mahendra Cave. And in between enjoy magnificent panoramic mountain views. LUNCH ?????

The Lakeside Area is very nice for shopping so this is off course built in the program.. Later in the day return to your hotel, for dinner and overnight. (www.fishtail-lodge.com)

Day 7:

Experience sunrise at Sarangkot, Lakeside and free time

After an real early breakfast we proceed by car in the direction of Sarangkot (about 17 kms), the final top of the hill can only be reached on foot (about 20 min. climb). But it will be worth it. You will experience the most beautiful sunrise ever combined with astonishing mountain views.
Sun Rise view, Pokhara Nepal
In about 45 minutes you walk the stairs down towards Pokhara passing many local initiatives in the fields of art and handicraft. At the bottom of the stairs you transportation is waiting to take you back to the hotel. From here you can visit Lakeside and be completely on your own to spend your free time. Dinner and Overnight at the Fishtail-lodge again.

Day 8:

Transfer from Pokhara to Lumbini.

Pack your bags and right after breakfast we will say goodbye to Pokhara to start our trip to Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace) it is about a 5 to 6 hour drive. Along the way we will see the Old Palace of Tansen and Palpa. About three o'clock in the afternoon we will reach Lumbini where you will stay in the Buddha Maya Garden Resort with Basic Full Boarding.

Day 9:

Rest day to enjoy Lumbini.Lumbini Birth Place Gautam Buddha

This is your day to relax and enjoy this World Heritage site Lumbini, the holiest pilgrimage of the Buddhist World. Lumbini is a place less known to many but a destination worth a visit, to simply experience the ambiance of spiritualism. While in Lumbini you can forget the tense and materialistic urban life and live a few blissful days of absolute peace and tranquility in touch with your inner spirituality. Buddha Maya Gardens makes sure that your wish to be in touch with the simple aesthetics of life is fulfilled. Overnight at the hotel with full basic board.

Day 10

Transfer from Lumbini to Chitwan

After breakfast we will depart for a comfortable ride to Chitwan National Park. The trip takes about 5 to 6 hours. Along the way we will stop for lunch.

Upon arrival in Chitwan we will take a small boat which will take you directly into the national park and stay in Jungle Island Resort with Full Board Package.

Day 11:

Chitwan Activities day.World Heritage Site Chitwan National Park Nepal

A day packed with activities if you so desire: Canoe Trip, Jungle Walk, Elephant riding, bird watching etc. or simply relax yourself. Overnight at Jungle Island resort.

Day 12:

Chitwan Activities Day

Another day of activities, visit the EBC (Elephant Breeding Center) and 20 thousand lakes. In the morning hours you can watch the elephants being washed by their owners or other tourists. You too ?? Overnight at Jungle Island Resort with full board basic.

Day 13:

Chitwan to Kathmandu/ Nagarkot Nagarkot is an international tourist destination with spectacular views of the whole Langtang range, sunrise on the mountains and sunset views. We can see the panoramic views of the captivating landscapes and hills with the Kathmandu valley.

Pack your bags and right after breakfast we will cross a small river and after a short Jeep drive we arrive at a domestic airport from where we will fly back to Kathmandu in about 35 minutes.

LUNCH ?????

From Kathmandu Airport we will proceed directly to Nagarkot where we will proceed exploring the Kathmandu Valley. It takes about 2,5 hours to reach the top at Nagarkot. And when the weather is nice you have again beautiful panoramic views of the mountains. Really beautiful to see the sunset over the Nagarkot Terrace Kathmandu, Nepalmountains but it is also worthwhile to get up early tomorrow to see the sunrise over Nagarkot.

Overnight with full basic board at Hotel Club Himalaya.

Day 14:

Nagarkot/Changu-Narayan/ Pashupatinath he temple of the Lord of all living beings, Pashupatinath is the holiest pilgrimage destination of the Hindus throughout the world. This temple is of two storeys with golden roofs and four silver doors in each direction. Pashupatinath temple is located in the banks of the holy river Bagmati in the Kathmandu city. Historic evidences prove that the temple existed since 879 AD however the present temple was built in 1679 AD. The temple premise comprises of numerous holy shrines and archeologically important monuments. This temple is center of accumulation of thousands of devotees and Sadhus flocking from all over the world during the Shiva Ratri and Teej festival. Although a Hindu temple, Pashupatinath is equally worshipped by the Budhists too. Pashupatinath was also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage monument list in 1979 AD. /Bungmoti/Kathamndu

Early rise and during breakfast enjoy the sunrise (when the weather is nice), pack your bags and we will depart for the Changu-Narayan-Temple (one of the oldes temples in Nepal).

Following a transfer to Pashupatinath, along the banks of the Bagmait river The Bagmati River is a river of Nepal. It flows through the Kathmandu valley and is the river separating Kathmandu from Lalitpur. It is considered a holy river both by Hindus and Buddhists. A number of Hindu temples are located on the banks of this river.. This is a holy Hindu shrine which has a cremation and ritual area for the dead. At the end of the afternoon transfer to the Hyatt Hotel . Bed and breakfast is waiting for you..

Day 15:

See Mount Everest with Mountain flight. Relax day and shopping.

After an early breakfast transfer to the Kathmandu domestic airport for a stunning mountain flight.Mountain Flight, Nepal
Fantastic views of the Himalayas and Mount Everest will blind your eyes. Take also a peek in the cockpit and meet the pilots. Don't forget to take your camera !

After the mountain flight you will be brought back to the Hyatt and enjoy free time for the rest of the day at your own leisure

Your bed and breakfast is waiting for you in the Hyatt.

Day 16:

Depart from Nepal to your home destination

This day depends on your flight schedule. Offcourse we will arrange a transfer to insure you will be on time to check in at the Kathmandu International Airport.

We wish you a good trip home and say:

Namaste from Nepal

Included in this trip are:

  1. All necessary transport by deluxe private vehicle with driver

  2. All accommodations deluxe hotel in Kathmandu with Bed and Breakfast

  3. All accommodations outside Kathmandu with basic Full Board

  4. All necessary permits and entrance fees for temples, monasteries etc.Namaste Greeting, visit Nepal

  5. A professional tour guide during the whole trip

  6. Insurance for guide and drivers

  7. During the Trip, outside Kathmandu All meals included

  8. Chitwan to Kathmandu air tickets

  9. Mountain Flight with guaranteed window seat

Not included:

  1. Tipping and personal expenses

  2. During your stay in Kathmandu lunches/dinners and drinks

  3. During transfers: Kathmandu/Pokhara/Chitwan/Kathmandu your foods/drinks

  4. Donations for temples, schools, monasteries etc.

  5. Travel insurance

  6. Visa/travel documents

  7. Air tickets from your home to Kathmandu and back

TripID: VIP16NTY2011


Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a historic and cultural city of Newars. This largest metropolitan city of Nepal hosts numerous display of magnificent Newari art work in the form of ancient temples as well as traditional festival celebrations all year round. Kathmandu is also the core of urban infrastructure development of Nepal and the only gateway to the tourism adventure in Nepal. This blend of ancient culture and modern development makes it a unique tourist destination worth a visit.


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