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Best time to visit Nepal

Depending on your plans Nepal can be visited during the whole year. But most comfortably tourists feel their best when visiting Nepal from October to November, which is the major season. You then have perfect weather, clear blue sky's and fantastic views of the mountaintops. In the spring say late February until half March it is also perfect for visiting Nepal. During the winter-season (December and January) it is still nice to visit Nepal, as there are few tourists and airfares are usually much cheaper. There is ample sunshine, but be aware; as soon as the sun sets, the temperature cools down within 10 minutes and can drop from 21 degrees centigrade to sometimes freezing point.

Taking care of your health

Always be careful what you eat and drink in Nepal. We advise you to drink mineral water from sealed bottles, never drink water from the tap, brushing your teeth is ok, but do not swallow the water. Also be critical for yourself in eating food which is prepared with tapwater: fresh icecream from street-vendors is a definite no-no. Also ice-cubes in drinks could be hazardous. Fresh salad washed with tap-water is also a no-no. Also fruit juices and the well known lassi drink should be accepted with care.

In the mountains

When trekking it is absolutely necessary that you know what you are starting to do. Prepare and inform yourself beforehand. Make sure you have enough protection against the sun: hat or cap/sunglasses. Always take your time to adjust to the height you are at the moment do not overdo it. Hightsickness is lurking around the corner. So when you feel a headache, can't sleep and don't want to eat, it is most likely you are affected. When the complaints remain slowly but surely descend to lower altitudes. (all our trekking-routes/programs are 100% safe as we plan enough acclimatisation periodes within the program.)


Panorama View


Nepal Weather and Climate (Kathmandu)

Daily Hours of Sun Shine

Temperature (celcius in shade)
Temperature in Kathmandu

Rain Fall

NEPAL TOURS & TRAVEL (the way YOU want it)

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