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Meditation in NepalMany visit Nepal for meditation, spiritual rejuvenation, retreat and to unite with the mighty HimalayasA mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet; this range contains the world's highest mountain, most of the highest mountain are in Nepal including Mt.Everest highest peak of the world Nepal.. Nepal is one of the world’s best destinations for many these meditation activities and boasts of having many renowned centers like the Kopan monastery which is world famous for Buddhist meditation. Likewise, Dharma The principle or law that orders the universe. b. Individual conduct in conformity with this principle. c. The essential function or nature of a thing. Shringa is one of the best Vipassana In the Buddhist tradition means insight into the nature of reality center in the world. Both these are just outside Kathmandu surrounded by beautiful nature and it is where those who love contacts with nature can stay in the realism of profound Nepal.

Meditations like Vipassana are thorough, most reasonable and result oriented. The main objective is to cleanse the mind and once done, you learn to share your merit for the goodwill of others. You start using your sensations with love and kindness and let that feeling fill the atmosphere. You wish peace and happiness and freedom from mental and physical suffering for all.

Singing Bowl for Inner HarmonyAnother item equally popular for spiritual healing is the Singing Bowl, also known as Himalayan singing bowl or chakra bowlChakra Bowl . There are wide varieties of singing bowls made of various metal compositions which are widely used for meditation, sound therapy and curing. This ancient Himalayan food bowl produces a wonderful singing rimming sound when tapped, struck or rubbed by a wooden striker or pin.

Spa is another popular century old concept which is still thriving in contemporary times as the millennium mantra for rejuvenation, relaxation and replenishment. It is the pathway to achieve the equilibrium of body, mind and soul, a haven to revive the senses, sooth the spirit and relax the body.

The experience at Nepal's finest spas awakens the touch receptors with gentle therapeutic treatments to ease physical stress. It delights the vision through lavish, artistic and soothing environment, sharpens the audio sensory through mellifluous music, and elevates the smell and visual sensory with blend of aroma and mood.Healing With Spa

It lightens and entices the taste buds with selectable and nutritive cuisine through extensive research in ancient beauty philosophy and body therapy. The spa in Nepal's finest spas offers an admirable array of treatments which pamper you from head to toe. These therapies combined with the finest botanical products and forest essentials ensure that your journey of the senses is truly blissful.

Healing Power with Hands ReikiAnother well known form of spiritual healing is the ReikiIt is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person, which was used by Lord Buddha to heal people 2,500 years ago. Later, it was reintroduced in the early 20th century. Since then, it has been popular, especially in Nepal because most people can not afford to go to the hospital. Reiki is their only hope and prospect of recovery. The objective of Reiki in Nepal has always been to firstly; help those people who are suffering every day from serious and sometimes life threatening diseases and who are unable to afford any medical care. Secondly, Reiki in Nepal especially for tourists provides a suitable arena for those who are wishing to further progress on their spiritual journey in a peaceful and secluded setting. It is due to this very reason; there is a growing demand for a diverse range of spiritual teachings like Reiki.

Nepal offers a wholesome & tranquil environment for Reiki which is conducive to health. The beautiful natural landscapes, calming atmosphere and meditation retreat in Nepal will surely help one clear their corrupted mind and shun the conditions ideal for generating them. This package of experiences can be described in words like ‘pleasing’, ‘exhilarating’ or ‘humbling’ and ‘life changing’. Forget all those stuffs that you feel indispensible to your outside life as once you start your meditation experience in Nepal, all you do is observe yourself.


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