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Jungle SafariThe most unique adventure activity of Nepal is the wildlife Jungle safari. This gives you the rare opportunity to actually be in the wilderness and observe beautiful pristine nature along with the wild animals, some of them rare themselves. You may encounter the Royal Bengal Tiger today while a glimpse of the rare one horned Asiatic rhinoceros tomorrow. If lucky, you could pay tribute to the King Cobra snake or wish good bye to the Siberian migrating birds. Each trip is unique as you encounter new animals every time.

The dense tropical Jungles and conservation parks of Nepal still preserve the best and rare wildlife habitats of the world. These jungles contribute mainly to the rich bio-diversity of Nepal and supports Nepalís stance as one of the major destinations of eco-tourism. Some of the parks are recognized as the best preserved conservation parks inOne Horn Rhino Asia and enlisted in the UNESCO world natural heritage site list due to its rich embellishment of nature.

Another major attraction of the parks is the fresh water dolphin. If you are lucky, you could catch a glimpse of these dolphins in the Narayani River Narayani River is one of the major rivers of Nepal and a left bank tributary of the Ganges in India.. There are couples of good lodges inside these parks where you could spend a night in the wilderness.

Although it seems inappropriate in the modern age of ecological awakening, controlled hunting can still be enjoyed in Nepal. However, you will need to secure a hunting license from the appropriate authorities.

Crocodile: Chitwan National ParkThese are not just mere Jungle safari destinations because you get to do a lot more like trekking, boating, camping etc. You get a wholesome experience! So start your journey to visit the tranquil wetlands and majestic Jungles of Nepal.

If you're the type that always get glued to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet on the TV then this is surely your dream action. From endangered rare one horned rhinos, leopards, tigers, zebras and elephants to the free-spirited gazelle and deer, it's Discovery live and one of the most awesome sights in nature. Missing this enduring experience which is unique to Nepal, would make your trip incomplete and squandered.

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