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Potholed roads, unbelievable traffic jams, an ever increasing cost of living Kathmandu The capital city of Nepal is the center of all kinds of activity. Love it or hate it, it is the capital for a reason. From culture to clubs and arts to adventure, the valley has it all. Divided into three historic districts, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, all three have their own distinct flavor allowing visitors to enjoy three diverse places in one valley.

The cultural, financial, arts capital of the country, Kathmandu is a great mix of the new and the old. If it is culture and architecture you seek, the Basantapur durbar square with its centuries old palaces and temples Swyambhunath Kathmandu Nepalshould wow you. Also pay a visit to the oldest Buddhist stupa in the world, the recently renovated Swoyambhunath stupa. It is situated on the top of a hill, west of Kathmandu and is one of the most popular, holy and instantly recognizable symbols of Nepal.

The Bouddhanath stupa is also equally popular amongst Buddhists here. Bouddhanath Stupa, the biggest stupa in Nepal, lies about 7 km east of the capital. The Bouddhanath stupa, also called by many as Khasti Chitya, is one of the oldest stupas in the country. After 1959, many Tibetans arrived and settled in Bouddhanath area. Both Swoyambhunath and Bouddhanath stupas, the well-known Buddhist pilgrimage sites, are included in World Heritage Cultural site list by UNESCO.Boudhanath Stupa

In Bouddhanath Stupa, there are many monasteries or Gompa attractions. They are all impressively adorned and colorfully painted. Anyone can visit the monasteries and take visuals. It is advisable to give small donation if you take photographs.

Pashupatinath is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the city and brings in thousands of Hindu devotees every year for the Shiva ratri festival, a festival which supposedly takes away the cold from the valley. Pashupatinath Temple, with its astonishing architectural beauty, stands as a symbol of faith, religion, culture Pashupatinath Oldest Hindu Temple Nepaland tradition. It is regarded as the most sacred temple of Hindus in the world. Pashupatinath temple's existence dates back to 400 A.D. The richly-ornamented pagoda houses the sacred linga or phallic symbol of Lord Shiva.

Likewise, Patan in old Lalitpur is a city where you feel like someone stopped time and frankly you won't be the first to think so. Indeed, the architecture of the district, especially the amazing Krishna mandir built solely out of stone will take to the golden age of arts and architecture in Nepal when the mallas ruled over the country for over 550 years. With temples around each turn, quite literally, the whole of Patan is similar to a museum in motion-a casually arranged collection of captivating art and architecture of a fantastic, bygone era. Patan durbar square, which consists of the ancient palace of Patan's ruling family, is now a restored amazing museum, as well as the famed Krishna mandir which was built for gatherings. Patan Durbar Square complex, situated in the center of Patan city, also known as Lalitpur, houses the residence of the Patan Durbar Square Nepalformer Patan royal family. Patan Square and its surroundings is good specimen of ancient Newari architecture.

Similarly, Changu Narayan Temple, the oldest temple in Kathmandu valley came in existence in the 4th century. The temple is adorned by some of the best specimen of stone, wood, and metal craft in the valley. The temple stands as the epitome of culture, religion, history and faith of the Kathmandu valley. If you listen Changunarayan Oldest Hindu Templeclosely you can hear the breath of centuries here.

If you felt like the commotion in the streets and the everyday chaos obstruct a clear view of the monuments of yesteryear in the other two districts, then Bhaktapur will delight you. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an assortment of pagoda and shikhara-style temples grouped around a fifty-five-window palace of brick and wood. The square is part of a charming valley as it highlights the idols of ancient kings perched on top of stone monoliths, the guardian deities looking out from their sanctuaries, the wood carvings in very place - struts, lintels, tympanums, gateways and windows - all seem to form a well orchestrated symphony. The folks in Bhaktapur have made sure that areas such as the Bhaktapur durbar square are cordoned off from traffic or locals trying to open a fast food stand or a kiosk selling kitsch. The effect is one of having stumbled into a forbidden city with plenty to see do and eat.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square NepalThe district is home to an amazing woodcarving tradition and the national cap. The most famous site here is without a doubt the charming Bhaktapur durbar square. The palace with 55 windows and the innumerable other temples, architectural showpieces like the lion gate are all reminders of the artistic heritage of the place. Bhaktapur durbar square was listed in the UNESCO world heritage monuments list in 1979.

Honestly speaking, there comes a time in everyone's life when the normal vacation just does not do it anymore. Every thing starts to feel like just one more thing to do. Going away for a few fun days seems pointless and redundant. Maybe it is time to renew your faith in that pillar of society that the Nepalese most lean on-Religion. Kathmandu is a town of temples but some sites stand out for the sheer amount of history and heritage linked to it. However, the capital is not the only place with popular religious sites. Maybe this time you would like to spend some time around Lumbini.

Lumbini Birth Place of Gautam BuddhaThe birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini is one religious site you don't want to miss. Listed in the UNESCO world heritage site list, the main Lumbini garden is now an amazing collection of stupas and monasteries representing Buddhism around the world. As the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, the sacred area of Lumbini is one of the holiest places of one of the world's great religions, and its remains contain important evidence about the nature of Buddhist pilgrimage centers from a very early period. Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha, is the centre of holy faith for the millions of Buddhists all over the world. Located in south-western Nepal, Lumbini holds several reminders of Lord Buddha. One of the most important historical sites in Nepal is endowed by nature with rich natural beauty. Highlights of the gardens are the Maya Devi temple where Buddha was born, the footprint of Buddha and centuries old ruins from that era. The German Tara foundation's monastery and the Japanese peace pagoda are definite highlights for their unique architecture.

One Horned Rhino Endangered AnimalOn the way to Lumbini, you come across the beautiful city of Chitwan. This city is the home to the world famous Chitwan National Park, perhaps one of the best parks to see animals in the wild in Nepal. This park is also listed in the UNESCO world natural site. The government of Nepal established this park in its effort to protect nature and wild animals during the massive deforestation of the Terai jungles in the latter half of the 20th century. One can camp and enjoy jungle safari in this park which is certainly a treat for nature and animal lovers. Accommodation in hotels and resorts as per one’s budget is available within the park. The main attraction of this park covered with deciduous forests is the endangered one horned Asiatic rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger and the fresh water dolphins.

This and much more is found in Nepal where travelling is much more fun and convenient. Visiting all these awesome UNESCO sites is one more reason to enjoy your perfect holiday in Nepal. Happy Travelling!


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