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Rani PokhariNever mind the weather, pollution or chaos of Kathmandu Kathmandu:
The capital city of Nepal is a historic and cultural city of Newars. This largest metropolitan city of Nepal hosts numerous display of magnificent Newari art work in the form of ancient temples as well as traditional festival celebrations all year round. Kathmandu is also the core of urban infrastructure development of Nepal and the only gateway to the tourism adventure in Nepal. This blend of ancient culture and modern development makes it a unique tourist destination worth a visit.
the outskirts of this valley are as exhilarating as any outdoor adventure spot. If Nepal is the world of adventures, its capital city is no less. Surrounded by hills all over, the Kathmandu valley, Once a lake, Kathmandu valley is the union of three Newar sister cities namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Surrounded by hills on all the sides, Kathmandu valley has always remained the center of Nepalese civilization and current modern urbanization of Nepal. The Newar community is the ethnic inhabitants of this valley with evidential history of 2000 years. All the 3 cities have an integral role in the development of cultural and traditional heritage as well as national economy. is a place to be in, especially if you count yourself among those who long to get into their hiking shoes to explore the outskirts of the valley.

Hiking around the valley is also the best way to escape from the noise of the city. It also gives you an opportunity to glance the country life. You will be amazed to observe that just outside the city, tranquility exists.

You can join various clubs and run through the outskirts every weekend. Members of these clubs meet at different places and your tour operator can arrange one. People run on and off road for couple of hours and this is a cheap yet exhilarating experience that any adventurer would not want to miss.Kapan Gumba
Since the valley is surrounded by hills, these also offer you short hiking fun of about 4 to 6 hours. One of these exciting spots around Kathmandu is Namobuddha A 3 hour trekking from Dhulikhel city to the top of a hill above Panauti village shall take you to Namo Buddha temple. According to the legend, this temple was built to commemorate one of the Buddha who offered his own flesh to a tiger that could not feed its own cubs. This temple can also be reached driving a vehicle.  situated at the hilltop of Panauti in Kavre, east of Kathmandu. This Buddhist meditation spot is one of the most tranquil places around Kathmandu.

Likewise, Nagarjuna hill which lies north-west of Kathmandu is wonderful for a day hike. You could catch some of the magnificient views of the Himalayas from the hill. The Nagarjuna hill is also popular for rock climbing.
Buddhist MonastaryAnother equally popular hill is the Shivapuri which is known for its forests and camping. You could visit the Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha is the temple of Lord Narayan situated 8 kms North West of Kathmandu city. The main attraction of this temple is the 5th century statue of Lord Narayan reclining in the bed of snakes in a pond in the middle of the temple. This is one of the master sculptures of the ethnic Newar community. Though a sacred Hindu temple, Budhanilkantha is equally worshipped by the Buddhists.  temple and Bagdwar which is the origin of the Bagmati river on your long but thrilling walk to the hill.

For professional bikers, an off-road track of around 140 km starting from Balaju Baisdhara to Chisapani via Tokha and Budhanilkantha is an interesting option. For beginners, the Kathmandu to Dhulikhel 30 kms east of Kathmandu city along the Araniko highway is the historic and scenic city of Dhulikhel. From this city, one can observe the panoramic magnificent view of the Himalayas. Do not forget to visit the religious Namo Buddha temple near the city. A beautiful village of Panauti, which lies on top of a big rock, is also nearby. highway or Kirtipur Kirtipur is the cultural courageous and historic city of the Newars situated on top of a hill 8 kms south west of Kathmandu city. This city is unique to other Newar cities as the locals still wear their traditional dresses, live in old era houses, weave traditional hand looms and preserve their ancient temples and shrines. The Tribhuvan University, the biggest and oldest university of Nepal lies on the base of this hill top city. are advisable but care should be taken of the traffic.> You may be busy or might have a tight schedule to meet but these short trips do not require much of your time. Your small effort can easily give you true adventure spots within the valley. Whether it is a simple walk up the hill or some running, hiking sports can offer you much more. Hindu Temple

All these legends which take you back to those days of innocence shall never be experienced in any other part of the world cause these legends live and are as pure as the chink of the wind chimes from the eves of gilded pagoda forgotten, like the legends told by the temples.

Kathmandu evokes strong emotions among travelers. Some look at the crowded and chaotic streets and cannot wait to hop on the next flight home while others fall hopelessly in love with its splendid architecture, bustling squares, majestic monuments and the legends which pervade the city. It adds a whole new dimension to the number of tourists interested to visit the country and it is these that have kept this city alive.

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