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RhododendronNepal has lots of beautiful flower species but the most renowned of all is the national flower Rhododendron or locally known as the Gurans. Rhododendron forests are found above the altitude of 1,400 meters.· Vibrant red rhododendrons are found at the lower levels, however, as altitude increases the color begins shifting to pink, gradually becoming pure white as elevations increases.

For Nepalese the most beloved is the Lali Gurans, or the red one, and it has a special place in the people’s hearts, culture and economic life. During March and April, it coverlets the hills with great beauty, indicating the Rhododendronapproach of spring with warmer days and the assurance of ample harvests to come. Red is also the most auspicious color commonly used in rituals, weddings and major festivals. In addition, Nepal in 2006 adopted a new national emblem incorporating Red Rhododendron.

Nepalese poets have dedicated numerous poems to the beauty of this flower and are synonymous to magnificence and often women love to enhance their beauty by putting them in their hair. These are also used for decorations and people of all ages delight in walking through the forests and picking bouquets of rhododendron. This is especially true of those engaged in courtships who swap them as a gesture of affection.

However this flower is not just loved for its beauty. Rhododendrons are attached to Nepalese lives in many White Rhododendronmore ways as some make a refreshing drink out of it while some make curry by adding salt and chilies to it. Children love the honey it contains while some drink its tea. Some extract essential oil from it while some find it as a source of traditional medicine. Even its barks are used for building houses and furniture.

The beauty and more of this flower draws thousands of trekkers to Nepal every year. Seeing the Rhododendron forests against the backdrop of the magnificent Himalaya, while enjoying the great Nepalese hospitality, is definitely worth a trip from anywhere in the world.

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