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BhumluExperience Nepal as it really is. The blend of Nature and Culture at its best. If you can stand some hardship, if you can leave luxury behind you. When you appreciate rest and tranquility, when you enjoy beautiful scenery and landscapes. If you want to be away from modern life and plunge into the mountain-life of Nepal.

Then our Bhumlu-trip is for you.

You will be living as a Nepali.  Eating, sleeping, living, traveling etc. all in Nepali style.
The theme is: expect nothing, but get the best experience ever !!!!
You won't be left alone, we will keep an eye out for you and make your stay a memorable one.

IMG_2457You can stay for two, three or more days or for as long as you want to enjoy simplicity, nature, mountains. For as long as you can be without cellphone, tv/radio, electricity etc.
But rest assured there is plenty to do, you can enjoy beautiful nature walks, you will get a cultural tour through the village by one of our guides, you will eat with Nepali family's and stay in a Nepali house with no luxury. (only the beds we made a bit bigger and the mattresses a bit thicker, but for the rest it is Nepali style)

This trip can easily made into an integral part of one of our other programs.

Detailed information Bhumlu trip:

The distance from Kathmandu to Bhumlu village is not too far (70 Km) so you won't be too tired when you arrive there.  During the trip you can already enjoy many beautiful things.
You will pass the famous village of Dhulikel at a height of about 2000 meters. You will also pass the newly built statue of the Hindu-god Lord Shiva which is the highest statue of Lord Shiva. You will be driving the highway where you will pass many rice-fields and beautiful hills.
There will be ample time to take a short stop to take pictures.
When we continue our trip we will also pass the village Dolalghat on the banks of the river Sunkoshi.. This village is famous for its many fish restaurants.
After crossing the bridge we are leaving the highway and the roads will be much rougher from now on. It is still 11 km  travel  and on this stretch you will experience beautiful mountain scenery.

IMG_2483When we arrive in the village of Manadanda we have reached our destination.  Here you will easily make your acquaintance with the surrounding areas and the cottage where you will be  staying.
Around you there is an endless, breathtaking hill scenery, there is nature all around you. Usually the only sounds you hear will be the birds. Here you will taste real culture. Away from the city and noise into an area which is the real Nepal. This place is where the people are open to you, far away from the Western influences, where you will experience the feeling of being a real guest.
Through the walks you make, you will meet real Nepali life:  how they work, how they live, how they cook, how they eat, how they worship, how they celebrate festivals etc.
For those that are really interested tours will be organized to actually meet people, stay in their house eat their meals etc. off course you will be guided by one of our tour-managers.

For those of you staying a bit longer, we will plan several treks through the surrounding hills, especially one which will bring us to a viewpoint with a fantastic look on  the snow-tops of  the Langtang mountain range.

BhumluActually this trip will bring you everything you might wish: culture, walks, nature, wildlife, beautiful trip, new experiences, meeting nice people, nice photo's to take home and many other things you would never have anticipated. It will be a true guided discovery.

You will be staying is a typical traditional village-house, you can enjoy your meals in one of the small restaurants. There will be somebody to answer all your questions, and will make sure you feel welcome, at home and relaxed, and will try to make your wishes come true.

Enjoy a nice breakfast or zip your wine  while enjoying the beautiful countryside.
Don't miss out on this trip.

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