Travel Preparations Print


For most nationalities visiting Nepal a valid visa is required (this can usually be obtained through a Nepalese Embassy or Consulate). Furthermore on the day of your departure your visa should be valid and your passport should not expire within 6 months after your departure date.


Consult your local doctor or travel clinic to get the details about the required vaccinations. These can vary from time to time but also by the region you are visiting.


Please arrange for a comprehensive travel-insurance, and especially when you plan to go trekking, make sure it covers the cost for repatriating (for reasons of health/accident) you from high altitudes, because this is usually done by helicopter and can be very expensive. Nepal does not offer free rescue services.

Copies of official documents

Sometimes it is necessary to provide copies of your passport, or you could lose your papers. Make a few photocopies of all your important documents (passport+visa, vaccination records, insurance-papers, flight-tickets, travelers cheques etc.) and keep them separated from the originals.